Discover the vital roles of animals in research

“Want to Play a Game?”

A large “Wheel of Discovery” engages visitors in a fast-moving game to reveal the important roles animals have played in research for medicines and treatments. Kids can talk to scientists about what we have learned from the animals we work with.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research :: Life Sciences Research Weekend 2010

Kathleen Cass and Jeanne Chowning, NWABR demonstrate the Wheel of Discovery

With the Wheel of Discovery, kids can also win prizes as they learn! First, a scientist provides a clue and the player guesses the animal: “Without a single bone in its body, extract made from the cartilage of this predator has been found to shrink cancerous tumors.” Not sure of the answer yet? Another hint: “Seeing the fin of this animal in the water means it’s time to get ashore.”

The answer is: a shark! and after discovering the right answer, the player spins the wheel to win a prize. Many animals are featured, from a mouse to a horse and children can learn how research with animals keeps both animals and people healthy.

About the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

The Northwest Association for Biomedical Research believes that understanding the lifesciences empowers individuals and society to make informed decisions about biomedicalresearch. We are a non-profit educational organization established in 1988 to promote thepublic understanding of biomedical research and its ethical conduct. Our work centers onsupporting excellence in science teaching, building connections between scientists andstudents, and strengthening the research community.

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