Biotechnology is a lot of fun at Shoreline…

Biotechnology Department at Shoreline Community College :: Life Sciences Research Weekend 2010 :: Photo by Mohini Patel Glanz

Biotechnology is a lot of fun at Shoreline Community College‘s activity table, featuring samples of “bacteria from around your house” from the Biotechnology Department. Students in the program, including Ricardo Rosas and William Robertson are happy to show and answer questions about bacteria from such sources as “refrigerator shelf,” “kitchen sink,” or “cat tongue.”

Another student volunteering at Life Sciences Research Weekend, Nalina Nagarajan noted that kids were eager to learn about bacteria and had asked about MRSA, the bacterial infection that is highly resistant to some antibiotics.

Biotechnology Department at Shoreline Community College :: Life Sciences Research Weekend 2010 :: Photo by Mohini Patel Glanz

At the same table, kids can try using real microbiology lab equipment. One younger kid is using a pipette to transfer colored water to a series of microwells — and making a rainbow pattern.

Adrienne Houck, Biotechnology Outreach Coordinator was pleased with the turn out from both students in the program at Shoreline and from the school groups and families visiting Pacific Science Center. “It’s great that our Biotech students are volunteering” she said. Speaking on Friday, a school day and the first of three days for the event, Houck added “I like that there are field trips here today, so kids who have never been to a science center before can hold a pipette, and experience all this.”

About the Biotechnology Department at Shoreline Community College

Biotechnology is an exciting and rapidly expanding field. Biologists and other scientists working in research and development use biotechnology techniques for the production of genetically engineered drugs, gene therapy, microbiology, virology, forensic science, agriculture and environmental science. Biotechnology laboratories are found in educational institutions, public health facilities and private corporations.

The Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist Program at Shoreline Community College prepares students for careers in biotechnology research and development. The program goal is to provide practical, “hands-on” learning and familiarity with cutting edge techniques, technologies, and equipment. Students gain a working knowledge of molecular biology, recombinant DNA, immunology, protein purification and tissue culture — both through classroom lectures and laboratory learning experiences. The curriculum also provides a foundation in a variety of math and science disciplines including algebra, statistics, chemistry, biology, microbiology and computer science.

The Biotechnology Program offers students great flexibility, including an AAAS degree, a Certificate of Proficiency, and internships in local biotechnology labs.

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